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Parkinson's Helplines

The Parkinson's Foundation offers a hotline staffed by specialists, if you have questions about your PD .

PF Helpline 1.800.4PD.INFO (473-4636)


Parkinson's "Aware In Care" Hospital Bag

The Parkinson's Foundation offers an Aware in Care bag so you are "hospital ready." PD meds and their administration can be a challenge when admitted to a hospital. This kit helps you be prepared. The kit includes a PD Alert bracelet.


Local Central Coast Case Management and Equipment Reuse Program

Offered free to families with Parkinson's, Case Management services can address the challenges of every day living to improve a PWP's quality of life. The equipment reuse program includes lending of equipment  as available: canes, walkers, shower chairs, benches, toilet seats, wheelchairs, scooters, and power chairs. Contact the Central Coast Quality of Life Project at (831) 330-9091or www.MSQLP.org

CHOMP Palliative Care

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula offers Palliative Care to reduce the symptoms, pain, stress, and side effects of serious illness, including Parkinson's and to support the family, friends and staff who care for them. Often confused with hospice care, Palliative Care is available to those with serious or chronic illness at any time during their illness.

(831) 625-4977


Home Safety Tour Checklist

From the Parkinsons Foundation 


Do You Have PD or a Parkinsonism?

Would You Like to Support Parkinson's Research?
Participate in a clinical trial to help PD research. This trial finder matches you to trails you can help with.

Resources for Poles

Jayah Paley at www.PolesForMobility.com is an excellent resource for PWP trying pole walking. Pole Walking is an excellent activity for those with PD. 

Urban Poling Accelerators makes ACTIVATOR poles that were designed by a therapist.

EXERSTRIDER walking poles by Tom Rutlin are designed for fitness walking.

The Ten Signs of Parkinson's


​Michael J Fox Foundation Hosts Online Webinars on Parkinson's Research

MJFF offers free live webinars on the third Thursday of every month at 9am PT. These webinars cover various aspects of living with PD and resources to keep you informed about the latest research. Archived recordings of previous webinars are offered on-demand.



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